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Denise Elliff

Denise Elliff

City Secretary

SECTION 4.03 City Secretary

  • Appointment of City Secretary

    (A) The City Council shall appoint a City Secretary who shall report administratively to the City Manager, but may be removed from office only with the consent of the City Council.

  • Duties of City Secretary

    (B) The duties of the City Secretary shall be to:
    (1) prepare and post notice of Council ·meetings;
    (2) keep the minutes of proceedings of Council meetings;
    (3) authenticate by signature and record in full, in a book kept and indexed for that purpose, all ordinances and resolutions passed by the City Council; ·
    (4) hold and maintain the City Seal and affix the Seal to all instruments requiring it;
    (5) perform such other duties as may be specified by the City Council, City Manager, this Charter, or the laws of the State of Texas.